Wed 16th December

Healthy Indian Cooking

We know that when it comes to Indian food, there are misconceptions surrounding how healthy it is. Often we only have an Indian takeaway as a special Friday night ‘treat’, because we think it can’t be good for us.

In some cases, it’s true that a curry isn’t always the healthiest option; however, at Masti our chefs consistently produce Indian food that is both a delicious and health-conscious choice.

So, how do they do it? And what changes can you make to your own cooking to ensure that your food is both good for you and full of flavour?


At Masti, we use low cholesterol oil to cook our expertly spiced dishes. We know that our customers are conscious of their cholesterol levels and want to be able to enjoy a mouth-watering main course without feeling guilty about it. Canola oil, peanut oil, and olive oils are all good for low cholesterol diets.


Indian food can easily be enjoyed on a regular basis, and it’s a great way to get extra vegetables into your diet. Vegetables are a staple in Indian cooking and are a great way to add nutrients and bulk to a meal.

Different diets

At Masti, our chefs pride themselves on being able to cater for all manner of dietary requirements. This means that you can easily stick to your vegan or Jain diet when you eat at the restaurant, without worrying that you’re going to be compromising on flavour.


Indian cooking is all about creating delicious spice and herb combinations. Our trained chefs know how to make food that’s filled with flavour without the need for excess fat or oil.

If you’re looking to enjoy an authentic Indian meal, then book a table at Masti. You’ll enjoy a scrumptious meal in our newly refurbished restaurant, and can then go on to dance the night away in our sensational club.